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Our Kittens

Our kittens come with their very own Royal Canin kitten pack and goodies and their first month dose of Advocate.
Our Alanza Kitten pack contains a lot of information and ideas, kitten toys and a blanket
 Insurance with petplan is optional.
They will all have had their vet checks and immunisations, regular worming as well as microchipping.
Pedigree papers registered with QFA. Get in early and we will register your name of choice as the pedigree name.
Our kittens are all raised as indoor pets and are very cuddly and extremely playful
and have never been allowed outside the house. They have been fed a good diet based on Royal Canin products
and a healthy variety of fresh food. They have also been brought up in a busy household complete with dogs. 

We at Alanza & Abanza pets, believe in at least three visits to the veterinarian.  The first before 2 weeks of age (general check-up), the second at 6 weeks (vaccinations) and the third for micro-chipping and their second vaccination before coming home to you.  They will be toilet
trained, fully weaned with their 2 week, 4 week & 8 week worming treatments completed.

When you pick them up you will be presented with:

1.    Our kitten pack (with fresh food recipe and toy pattern)

2.    Royal Canin kitten pack

3.    A blankie and toy with their litter smell

You will be told approximately when to expect pedigree papers; we do not register the kittens before purchase as that is an additional transfer cost to you.

6 weeks free Petplan pet insurance can be arranged, if required. I personally recommend pet insurance especially for the first twelve months. Kittens and puppies do run out of homes and yards.  It is the most dangerous time in their lives.  Kittens may get trodden on or swallow something they shouldn’t have.  It give you peace of mind.

At Alanza & Abanza pets, we do not desex our kittens before 20 weeks.  All kittens and cats sold after this age are sold pre-desexed.  We have thought long and hard on this issue and after research and advice from older and wiser, more knowledgeable people; it has concerned 

us very deeply about early desexing of kittens and the future problem health problems they will have.  We are breeding for quality, temperament and for the long term health for your family member - this is the decision we have come to.


At Alanza & Abanza pets, we reserve the right to not sell to anyone who wishes to breed unless an agreement is made.  Pedigree papers will be withheld until proof of desexing is confirmed. Desexing is an additional cost to you if you purchase a kitten before that age.  


 We also believe kittens love luxuries such as daybeds, cat 

climbing towers, clean litter trays, good quality food and toys.  Our Kittens love playing with their family members;

exercise and playing should be a big part of their lives with you.

All this may seem expensive but at Alanza & Abanza pets, we believe kittens, when bored and anxious, will demolish things: think creatively.  Please be aware when buying things for your Cat/Kitten this will happen.  Expensive isn't the way to go.  Sometimes you can buy

second-hand or even find, reasonably okay items on a Council pick up pile.  Your kitten/puppy doesn't know the difference.  Keep it cheap and keep it clean is the motto.  Your feelings will not be hurt nor will your pocket.  All things cat need to be cleaned regularly.


     Cat beds and houses are often chucked out, clean them up with good quality detergent and a little bleach to kill the bugs.  Great for outdoor areas.

2.  Old floor rugs, clean them up and use for your kitten to lay on outside (if your outside play area has a hard surface).  Remember, clean first with good

quality detergent and a little bleach to kill the bugs and clean regularly.

3. You can often find good-quality human baby squeaky toys at second hand stores are great toys (under supervision) for your kitten. (Make sure 

there is nothing they can pull off or choke on).  Clean regularly with good quality detergent and a little bleach to kill any bugs.

4. All kittens will need their nails cut every four to six weeks, this will save your soft furnishings.

5. We believe when your kitten/ cat has a change of coat, a regular bath and grooming is a must for your kitten especially if you have allergies.   

6.  All cats need to be kept inside or have an outside enclosure.  This is the only way we can combat, as a nation, the spread of Feline Aids and other highly contagious 

cat diseases.  It is expensive to treat if your Cat/Kitten gets sick from catching something from your local

stray moggie that you could have prevented.  They may also get hit by a car or someone may steal him/her.  If you buy from Alanza & Abanza pets, 

you have brought a high quality family member that has a wonderful personality; be aware people will attempt to steal him/her.


Kittens will be sold from 12 weeks.

Desexing should be done around 20 weeks for all kittens.


Why you should desex?

Female kittens, when they mature, will call/cry non-stop for a week or more, every 3 weeks as a mating signal; she will be loud and annoying.  If she isn’t mated she may become extremely ill.  You will also attract all the male cats in the area and they will spray your home, car and yard.  Not nice.  If she is mated she could possibly die or become very ill (Feline aids) from being bred.

Male kittens, once they mature, spray urine everywhere; this is hard to clean and smells really bad.  He may also get a disease i.e. Feline Aids from wandering.

Be responsible and desex around 20 weeks and you will have an awesome family member with very little health problems.